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Mona Sharma is a Mother, Holistic Nutritionist, and Meditation/Wellness Coach, working with CEO’s, athletes and celebrities to discover her clients own unique path to feeling healthy, energized and beautiful; both inside and out.

After leaving her high-powered, high-stress, corporate role in the luxury beauty industry, she turned her attention to her own personal healing. After recovering from two heart surgeries, and a family history of auto- immune disease, she discovered that she was in control of how she could feel and heal her body.

She learned the effects of chronic stress, poor digestion, and poor food choices could be reversed simply by healing her gut! This is what led her to further study the impact of digestion and gut health, and her discovery of healthy foods that make you feel beautiful on the inside and out. These foods help treat our microbiome (gut-ecosystem) our bodies, our mindset, and energize our lives.