Mona Sharma

Mona Sharma is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry who works with high profile clients around the world. She also has a reoccurring role on the Facebook series Red Table Talk where they profile her work with Will Smith, and the entire Smith family’s healing journey.

Mona has seen first hand the power of food and mindfulness to heal, having grown up living on an Ashram. Her approach is rooted in this philosophy, and also inspires her research into the gut microbiome and its impact on our health and happiness.


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Working with Mona has been an absolute pleasure as she demonstrates time and time again how knowledgeable, passionate and experienced she is with nutrition. She is extremely approachable and embodies everything I was looking for in a healthy lifestyle teacher. I needed a simple, realistic approach to my diet & personal health…that’s exactly what I got from Mona. Not a generic solution but a customized guide to healthy living.
— Jonathon Scott | Property Brothers

My Story

Mona Sharma is a dynamic leader and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry, as well as a celebrity wellness educator, who works with high profile clients all around the world. She recently has a reoccurring role on the Facebook series Red Table Talk, where they profiled her health and wellness work with Will Smith and the entire Smith family. She is also a Holistic Nutritionist, mind/body coach, and founder and of Xicama™ an innovative line of functional food and beverage products, that deliver the gut and immune boosting benefits of the superfood, Jicama, and were an official functional cocktail mix at Coachella 2019.

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Mona’s work with nutrition takes decades of experience and knowledge and tailors it into a bespoke plan for each and every client. And it all starts with understanding the individual’s biology through scientific testing and analysis.

Once the baseline of each individual is completely analyzed, Mona will then apply a program for optimization of gut and brain health and connection. Each program is created to create positive change that unlocks higher performance in both the body and mind to new levels of excellence.


Meditation & Movement

Our system’s perform better when they communicate thoroughly and function together. It’s common knowledge but many of us do not practice it, nor do we have the knowledge or experience to implement what is optimal for our unique biology.

Mona increases the effects of nutritional adjustments through an individualized meditation and movement training. Focusing your mind and training your body to perform daily functions with increased efficiency is essential to reaching your full potential.



Xicama is the first brand of its kind to focus on harnessing the extraordinary gut and brain health benefits of Jicama. Xicama has created a variety of innovative gluten-free products from healthy beverages and cocktail mixes, to packaged (baked) goods. flour, and cosmetics. Each product will also include a category specifically infused with the restorative qualities of CBD.